Saturday, December 5, 2015

HOGWARTZ PUB CRAWL a massive success - photos and raffle winners coming!

Photo via smileitsthegab
(Booth courtesy of CONjuration)
SUPER NIGHT last night — a massive thank you to all the volunteers, photographers and pubs that helped make the HOGWARTZ PUB CRAWL such a wonderful event. Once we start to get photos from photographers, we will post them here (on and we will also be posting a video of the drawing to show which numbers won the raffle. STAY TUNED!

Jeff James (Roaming) photos HERE
• Squished Biscuit (Rayvenklaw) photos HERE
• Dawn Seabrook Photography (Grifendor) photos HERE
• Workman Reflections Photography (Slitheryn) *COMING
• Concentric Imaging (Huhfullpuff) *COMING*
• Wizard Costume Contest photos *COMING*

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