Friday, April 8, 2016

Markster Con to host annual Thursday night party during the Dragon on Sept. 1

Planning to hit downtown Atlanta Labor Day weekend and party it up with tens of thousands of your fellow freaks and geeks? If so, on Thursday night (Sept. 1st) make sure to get's annual BACK TO THE DRAGON down on your "must do" list as we kick-off the annual Dragon the proper way— con*veniently located at 201 Courtland St NE (across the street from the Sheraton, where D*Con registration is).

More details can be found at (co-hosted by Dragon Fire Events and Girls Of The Con)

Photos from the inside of the venue where the annual
BACK TO THE DRAGON will be hosted
NOTE: This event is not directly affiliated with DragonCon. A badge to DragonCon will not get you access to this event, nor will a badge from the BACK TO THE DRAGON event get you access to DragonCon.