Friday, July 8, 2016

30 FREE TICKETS to future Markster Con events to be given away on July 9th at the GHOSTBUSTIN' PARTY

On July 9th, Markster Con, Atlanta's geekiest Event Producer, is giving away 30 FREE tickets! But don't worry, we're not going to be doing a raffle making you wait and HOPE you're a lucky winner.

For snagging one of these 30 FREE tickets, it's simple. On July 9th, we will give those tickets to the first 30 attendees to Atlanta's GHOSTBUSTIN' PARTY at The Masquerade (non-smoking). Those getting a FREE ticket will be able to choose from any upcoming Markster Con event in 2016 (even the sure-to-sell-out POTTER PUB CRAWL II) – but this is only for the first 30 people (excludes the Zombie Pub Crawl and Dante's Labyrinth New Year's Eve Masquerade II)

• The Masquerade Box Office and (event doors) open at 9pm on July 9th. You might consider getting there a little before 9pm to ensure a place in line and quick entry to the venue. (Advanced tickets to GHOSTBUSTIN' DANCE PARTY are available at and can also be purchased "night of" at the Box Office).
• When you walk into the "Heaven" venue at The Masquerade (upstairs) on July 9th, proceed directly to the RAFFLE/COSTUME CONTEST/T-SHIRT sign-up booth (in the bar area). Ticket vouchers will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis so we suggest waiting until AFTER you've visited the booth and secured your ticket voucher to get a drink, mingle, visit the vendors, etc. The 30 Free Tickets are for those who claim them first.
• Please form a single file line at booth in order to make the free ticket claiming process easy and smooth. We will have someone from the event helping with this, just to keep things orderly.
• When you get your free ticket voucher, WRITE CLEARLY. Then immediately give it back to the representative at the the booth.
Only 1 free ticket per person (i.e. you can't get free tickets for friends). We are only giving out 30 tickets TOTAL, not 30 tickets per event.
• To clarify, the 30 free tickets is TOTAL for the entire evening (i.e. we aren't giving away 30 tickets to every event). It's for the first 30 people in line, which ever event they decide they want tickets to is their choice.
• You can pick from any upcoming Markster Con event in 2016 (see clickable event links to the right). NOTE: Excludes the July 30th ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL and the Dec. 31st DANTE'S LABYRINTH NEW YEAR'S EVE II.
• The Potter Pub Crawl is 21+ (so if you are 18+ do not select those as your free ticket)