Tuesday, August 23, 2016

50% OFF select Markster Con events — available Sept. 1st at BACK TO THE DRAGON II Kick-Off Party in downtown Atlanta (10pm-2am, 21+)

Still haven't gotten your tickets to the magical Nov. 18th Potter Pub Crawl or Nov. 19th Wizard's Ball 3? How about the Star Wars themed Dec. 9th BAR WARS: The Crawl Awakens or Dec. 10th BASH OF THE EMPIRE VI? And even before those it's the first-ever HEDWIG and the ANGRY INCH Pub Crawl on Sept. 24th, hosted by Atlanta's Plaza Theater.

Well, if you haven't secured tickets yet....GREAT NEWS! On Sept. 1st, event producer Markster Con is offering the LOWEST DISCOUNT on advanced tickets for those events, exclusively at Back To The Dragon II in downtown Atlanta, as tens of thousands of geeks kick-off Labor Day weekend and the 30th anniversary of the Dragon. This 50% OFF discount will be THE BEST deal Markster Con will offer going forward on those five events. If you plan on attending any of these events, you should take advantage of this offer is possible. (NOTE: Offer excludes tickets to the New Year's Eve DANTE'S LABYRINTH II MASQUERADE as well as "Combo" tickets. Applies to Gen. Admission tickets only)

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On Thursday night (Sept. 1st), from 10pm till 2am you can get this exclusive discount — 50% OFF those five Markster Con events – after entering BACK TO THE DRAGON II, located across from D*Con registration at 201 Courtland St.

Simply visit the CONjuration vendors table inside the BACK TO THE DRAGON II venue and pick up advanced tickets (cash preferred) for whichever events you'd like to attend. More info. on Back To The Dragon II can be found at www.BackToTheDragon.com (21+)

Also, if you haven't reserved your tickets to CONjuration – a fan convention for all things magical (Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, etc.) in Atlanta Nov. 4-6, 2016 — you should do that soon at CONjurationCon.com (all ages)

Visit the CONjuration vendors table inside BACK TO THE DRAGON
to secure your 50% OFF tickets to select Markster Con events
NOTE: This event is not directly affiliated with Dragoncon. A party pass from BACK TO THE DRAGON II does not get anyone access to Dragoncon, nor does a membership/badge get anyone access to BACK TO THE DRAGON. Although both events are happening at the same time, they are not directly affiliated with one another.