Saturday, August 6, 2016

Atlanta's THE MASQUERADE to move to new location in Underground Atlanta

50 Lower Alabama Street SW
11/3/16 UPDATE: The Masquerade, venue host for the first two WIZARD'S BALLs, has announced their temporary relocation from the historic North Ave. site to Kenny’s Alley, adjacent to Underground Atlanta (50 Lower Alabama Street SW, Atlanta, Georgia) and the heart of Georgia State University, mere blocks from Centennial Olympic Park, the new Mercedes Benz Stadium and The Tabernacle.

As has been reported, The Masquerade’s relocation from the North Avenue location to West Midtown has been delayed for an indefinite period due to a pending lawsuit by a fellow developer (info. on that can be found HERE). Despite the generosity of the developers of 695 North in allowing The Masquerade to stay in the current building past the intended move-out date, they have almost reached the point of needing to vacate.

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Fortunately for the project, Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall, working with Mayor Reed’s office, has stepped in to save the day by opening a door and facilitating a deal with new Underground Atlanta developers WRS to allow The Masquerade to temporarily set up shop and continue operation in a seamless fashion while we work on the company’s long-term future.

Beginning in mid-November, The Masquerade will be taking over three spaces which will be labeled with the iconic Heaven, Hell and Purgatory brandings. Renovations are underway to transform the spaces into concert-ready venues.

The Masquerade will have exclusive use of the Kenny’s Alley space and will benefit greatly from the two attached secured parking decks. The Heaven, Hell and Purgatory spaces will virtually mimic the sizes of the North Avenue building, with concert-goers able to walk from venue to venue as they can now.

No shows will be adversely affected by the temporary move and all will take place as planned. In many ways, these spaces will offer improvements in both amenities and convenience for concert goers with the plentiful parking, lack of construction disturbance and upgraded sound and lighting systems among other improvements.

The Nov. 19th Wizard's Ball III, Dec. 10th Bash Of The Empire VI and Dec. 31st Dante's Labyrinth: New Year's Eve Masquerade will all be hosted in this new venue! Tickets are currently available for all of these 18+ events via

The current timetable calls for the 1st shows to take place mid-November with Markster Con's annual WIZARD'S BALL III on Nov. 19th being one of the first!