Monday, August 1, 2016

PEOPLE'S CHOICE winners for Atlanta ZOMBIE Pin-Up Contest (TOP 3)

1 of 3 contest categories have been completed in the 2016 Atlanta ZOMBIE Pin-Up Contest! Although the "People's Choice" is now decided (see Top 3 Winners below) you can still VOTE for "Online Favorite" until Aug. 12th, 2016 at noon. On Monday, Aug. 16th we'll also be announcing an "Overall Winner" which will be decided by a panel of professionals who will look at all entries (Markster Con will announce who the judges were after voting has been completed).

On July 30th, attendees to the 7th annual Zombie Pub Crawl had a chance to vote for their favorite 2016 ZOMBIE Pin-Up entry(s). Each entry had one 11x17 image hung in the tent outside of host pub Diesel Filling Station designated with a number, with that number being what attendees could vote for. Voting lasted from 3:30pm until 9pm with ZPC volunteer staff managing the tent, voting, as well as the final counting of votes and verification. Each vote cost $1.00 with 100% of proceeds benefiting TEAM FOX (for Parkinson's Disease research). And now....your Top 3 winners for People's Choice!

MODEL: Amber Edgeworth; PHOTOGRAPHER: Becky Gilliam;
MAKE-UP: Lee Gilliam; HAIR & CLOTHING: Amber Edgeworth

MODEL: Cara Van Cosplay; PHOTOGRAPHER: Squished Biscuit
MODEL: Ruby Pond; MAKE-UP: Bryce Alexander;PHOTOGRAPHER: Chelsea Dickerson, CND Photography; LOCATION: Nightmare's Gate Haunted House
Please take a few moments to go VOTE for "Online Favorite" until Aug. 12th, 2016 at noon. You can VOTE once a day (per entry) so vote for as many as you like – but only once a day.

Contest producer Markster Con would like to give a massive THANK YOU to all involved in submitting entries this year. Again...GO VOTE!