Monday, September 26, 2016

Saturday Morning CARTOON Trivia set for this Tuesday — Special Edition series!

On September 27, eat your cold cereal and brush your teeth before coming out for a NERD CORE TRIVIA's special edition of Saturday Morning Cartoons, starting at 8pm (21+)

Diesel Filling Station, known for it's infamous NERD CORE TUESDAY TRIVIA is partnering up with Markster Con to offer-up a once-a-month SPECIAL EDITION! Yep, that's right, once-a-month you can break out your ultra-knowledge for special themes, with all rounds dedicated to that month's topic.

Other upcoming Special Edition topics:
• October 25th – THE WALKING DEAD trivia
• Nov. 29th – Harry Potter Trivia (Special Edition)
• Dec. 13th – STAR WARS Trivia

NOTE: Arrive early for preferred seating, trivia starts at 8pm