Monday, January 23, 2017

Non-traditional LEI CONTEST to happen during ConVoluted CON CRUISE

For those planning to go on the ConVoluted CON CRUISE to Cozumel, Mexico in just a few weeks, here's a geek-tacular challenge you just may want to take part in.

Use string, wire, yarn, anything you can safely hang around your neck.
 Now add items — any items. ANYTHING GOES. Hint: Maybe use something that represents a hobby you enjoy or a part of your life, as geeky, strange or weird as you like. Maybe incorporate different hobbies. If you can hang it from your neck (safely) then it’s all good!
 Either “string through it” with the main “string” or tie it onto the main “string”. This ain’t rock science people!
 Although traditional Leis are made of flowers, this contest is mainly for a non-traditional Lei so don’t think too much about it. Yes, you can use flowers but feel free to think outside the box. Possibilities are endless!
• For those who don't get a chance to make a "non-traditional" lei, there will also a plastic flower lei provided in your swag bag (compliments of Girls Of The Con) if you'd like to wear that instead.
 During the CONVOLUTED CON CRUISE wear your lei to the Piano Bar Takeover on Saturday night (9-11pm) NOTE: Check on the cruise to find out when exactly the Piano Bar Takeover will take place (organizers are still waiting for a final confirmation of scheduled activities on the boat)