Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Annual Thursday night KICK-OFF party during the Dragon — CONFIRMED!

It's become a tradition! On Thursday night (Aug. 31st, 2017) after getting checked into your hotel and catching up with your CON friends, throw on your best party gear and dance shoes as Atlanta event producer Markster Con kicks-off the 2017 Dragon (with the help of Dragon Fire Events) for the 3rd annual BACK TO THE DRAGON!

Markster Con will be taking over the ENTIRE VENUE and offering a great option for all of our fellow freaks and geeks! Hosted at the same venue where "GAME OVER: D*Con's Final Party" took place in 2014 and BACK TO THE DRAGON 1&2 (2015, 2016) this ultra dance venue is amazing with 3 fully stocked bars, 2 floors, numerous dance areas, a full kitchen, a VIP room and more – located across the street from the Atlanta Sheraton (CON*veniently located at 201 Courtland St NE).

More details soon via www.BackToTheDragon.com

Photos from the inside of the venue where the annual
BACK TO THE DRAGON will be hosted
NOTE: This event is not directly affiliated with DragonCon. A badge to DragonCon will not get you access to this event, nor will a badge from the BACK TO THE DRAGON event get you access to DragonCon.