Friday, August 25, 2017

Atlanta's BACK TO THE DRAGON: FANG EDITION welcomes DJ ShadowNightz of the infamous VampireFreaks Aug. 31st

It's time to break out the fangs! Markster Con is excited to announce that we'll have one of the members of the world-renowned VampireFreaks headlining BACK TO THE DRAGON: FANG EDITIONon Aug. 31st in dowtown Atlanta.

Attendees will get a chance to party it up with DJ ShadowNightz when doors open at 10pm up until he takes control of the dance floor at midnight after DJ Caz10. Although this will be his first time at the Dragon during Labor Day weekend he is sure to make a huge impact on this annual throwdown which helps usher in the geekiest weekend in the U.S. welcoming in 70,000+ freaks and geeks (yeah, I said that SDCC!)
VampireFreaks ( hosts a wide number of events, mainly in the New York City area. Some of the most infamous of these events would be the 'Cybertron', a gothic-industrial clubnight in NYC, the 'Triton Festival', a music festival that has attracted gothic-industrial bands from around the world, in addition to 'Dark Side Of The Con'. VampireFreaks also hosts an alternative online store that sells goth and alternative clothing located at


BACK TO THE DRAGON is an annual event produced by Atlanta based Markster Con that helps kicks off the Dragon in downtown Atlanta during Labor Day weekend. The dance party is located across from registration (which is located at The Sheraton) at Harlem Nights Ultra Club (201 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303).

DISCLAIMER: Back To The Dragon: Fang Edition is not associated with DragonCon. A badge to DragonCon does not get you access to Back To The Dragon and vice versa.