Monday, January 29, 2018

HAIR OF THE DRAGON VII in Atlanta a wrap, what a wonderful collaboration!

It's always a sad time to know that another HAIR OF THE DRAGON has past but then we immediately think about all of the wonderful creative collaborations that will result! The cosplay attendees that came this year were truly top notch and it'll be hard to beat the photography talent we were able to secure this year.

If you are curious to see all of the photos, please practice patience as all of the wonderful photographers are now editing their images and will soon be sharing their final edits with Markster Con, which we'll then upload to for browsing, tagging and sharing!

Until then, go ahead and get Jan. 26, 2019 on your cosplay calendars as that's when HAIR OF THE DRAGON will rear it's beautiful head again – feel free to join the FB event page via

( Click for larger image - photo by Bryan Humphrey )