Wednesday, February 28, 2018

'Early Wizard' tickets for the Savannah WIZARD PUB CRAWL have been released!

Attention fellow wizards and half-bloods! The sands in our hourglass are all gone therefore tickets for the June 16th Savannah WIZARD PUB CRAWL are now on sale!

Make sure to visit as we've released a limited amount of 'Early Wizard' tickets but don't fret if you don't get the initial batch of tickets as we'll be releasing more again soon. But do take note that 'Early Wizard' tickets DO include a free handmade wand (NOTE: Early Wizard tickets end 4/1/18 or once 100 tickets have been sold)

More info. on pub crawl route, participating pubs, what wizarding things to expect on June 16th and more will also be released soon!