Monday, May 28, 2018

MAGICAL BITES MENU release for upcoming Savannah WIZARD PROM on June 15th

The Headmaster of the Savannah WIZARD PROM has shared the MAGICAL BITES MENU, catered by Savannah's own Delightful Catering, Inc. Doors open at 8pm at Savannah Station on June 15th and we do ask that you eat before arriving as these are finger foods and not a full meal. Don't arrive too late as you'll be sure to miss out on these tasty offerings. More info. can be found at (21+)

* 5/15/18 UPDATE * Promote your business or wish someone a Happy Birthday / Anniversary by taking out an ad in the Savannah WIZARD WEEKLY wizarding newspaper, given to all 1,000+ attendees of the Savannah Wizard Pub Crawl on June 16th! Click HERE for more info!

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