Monday, October 26, 2015

WIN a life-sized Han In Carbonite this December in Atlanta!

Be the envy of all your geek friends
when you own this galactic bounty!
How often have you wished you could have one of the galaxies most prized possessions – all to your own? Bounty hunters from many solar systems scoured the far ends of the Galaxy to locate one of the most infamous smugglers known to the Empire and now that Fett won the chase and secured the bounty, maybe it'll be YOU who'll get to take home the 7.5' tall life-sized Han in carbonite, to do as you please!

Come this December, you'll have your chance to enter to win this awesome prize, worthy of a Dark Lord or Jedi master!

There is only 1 (one) life-sized Han in Carbonite that will be given away to a lucky winner.

Winner is responsible for transportation of the item to their desired location. NOTE: Details on transport will be discussed between contest organizer Markster Con and winner (post-contest). This life-sized Han in carbonite will be available for pick-up after Dec. 18th, 2015 from a yet-to-be-specified location in the Atlanta area.

 WHERE TO ENTER? All registered/ticketed attendees to Atlanta's BAR WARS Pub Crawl (on Dec. 11th, 21+) and the BASH OF THE EMPIRE IV (Dec. 12th, 18+) will get one free entry to win the life-sized Han In Carbonite (if they want to be entered) – so everyone automatically gets one chance to win the ultimate galactic bounty! NOTE: Both events are the weekend BEFORE Star Wars EPISODE VII is released.

 Additional entries can also be purchased at each event (for just $2/entry) with 100% of proceeds to benefit TEAM FOX, raising funds and awareness for Parkinson's Disease (foundation established by Michael J. Fox)

 WINNER ANNOUNCED: The winner of the Han in Carbonite will be picked randomly (live) on ROCK 100.5 the morning of Dec. 18th. Winner will be drawn from all entries LIVE ON AIR according to the contact information they provide when they enter (so WRITE CLEARLY!) and listed to ROCK 100.5 the morning of Dec. 18th.

 This life-sized Han in carbonite is being created by JM Props (based out of Atlanta, GA)

 Feel free to join the BAR WARS Pub Crawl FB event page HERE and the BASH OF THE EMPIRE V FB event page HERE.

 Both events produced by Markster Con (