Sunday, February 14, 2016

Calling all COMIC BOOK NERDS – special edition of Nerd Core Trivia on Feb. 23

Atlanta's own Diesel Filling Station hosts one of the most popular week "geek themed" trivia nights every Tuesday. But starting this month, one Tuesday every month will be a SPECIAL EDITION, presented by — focusing on a specific geek topic, with February 23rd Special Edition being COMIC BOOKS. That's right, all of those comic books (and graphic novels) will finally come in handy.

An added incentive for attending the SPECIAL EDITION Nerd Core Trivia nights is that there will be a REWARDS PROGRAM! Yep, that's right...the more SPECIAL EDITION Nerd Core Trivia nights you make it out to, the more perks you'll get (via a Punch Card).

Curious? Find out more info. at (21+)