Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WEEK OF THRONES takes over Atlanta, in anticipation GAME OF THRONES Season 7

July is shaping up to be THE most epic month yet in Atlanta! Several die-hard geek venues/groups are tapping into their inner Tyrions or Cerseis for a slew of GAME OF THRONES themed events to celebrate the release of Season 7 – for a WEEK OF THRONES!

See below for all the details, along with helpful links and descriptions:

• July 14: CRAWL OF THRONES Pub Crawl — It will be a crawl worthy of a King! Sponsored by Ommegang, choose your house and join your fellow Lords and Ladies as they traverse five pubs along Atlanta’s Virginia Highland for an event like no other. Take the Black and, like a Lannister – always pay your debt as your fellow countrymen toast Hodor and find their way back to Kings Landing (aka host pub Diesel Filling Station) for your chance to sit upon the Iron Throne!
VENUE: Virginia-Highland neighborhood
HOST PUB: Diesel Filling Station (21+)
COST: $20 / $30 / $100

• July 15: PARTY OF THRONES — Atlanta’s own PARTY OF THRONES returns for another chapter, falling on the night BEFORE the new season of GOT premieres with attendees having a chance to celebrate all things GOT with their fellow peasants or royalty! Live music, dancing, DJ, costume contest and more will round out the night. Registered attendees to Cos-Losseum get in for FREE, all others can purchase a ticket just for PARTY OF THRONES either online or at the door.
VENUE: Sheraton Atlanta (18+), late night event for Cos-Losseum Cosplay Con
COST: Free / $10 / $15 / $30

• July 16: Game Of Thrones BEER BRUNCH — Battle & Brew, Atlanta’s premiere Geekbar, is known for hosting some of the area’s biggest geek crowds. Come Out and try three Game of Thrones Beers from Ommegang including the newest one, Bend the Knee. They’ll also be tasting Take the Black and Valar Dohaeris, two other Game of Thrones beers, and Fruition and Pale Sour, two awesome Ommegang beers. All five will be paired with a small plate of food that accentuates the flavors of each beer, highlighting subtleties or even changing the flavor of the beer entirely!
VENUE: Battle & Brew (18+)
COST: $40

• July 18: Game Of Thrones TRIVIA (sponsored by Ommegang)— Assemble your G.O.T. trivia team and seek answers with your own King's Hand as Diesel Filling Station, known for hosting some of Atlanta’s geekiest events, summons a huge gathering of commoners, kings and sorcerers alike. If you are a fan of the G.O.T. books and TV show, this is a great event to test your throne knowledge. NOTE: Arrive early for preferred seating as this event will reach max. capacity.
COST: No cover

• July 20: PROJECT COSPLAY: Game Of Thrones  — Every month FanBolt presents a comedic Project Runway spoof “live design challenge” focusing on different pop culture themes with July being GAME OF THRONES! The venue, Joystick Gamebar, houses some of the most popular arcade games from years gone by in addition to having a top notch bar selection and comfortable, geeky lounge feel.
VENUE: Joystick Gamebar (21+)
COST: No cover

July 22 & 24: Winter Is Stunning (GOT Burlesque) — Visit Westeros for Hysteria Machines’ first in a new series, Winter is Stunning, a Game of Thrones Inspired Nerdlesque Production! This special TWO NIGHT EVENT will be full of wine, women and Winterfell, with dancing, rapping, and peeling GALORE! Join a cast from all over the Southeast, from troupes and groups of all shapes and sizes, as we battle for control of the Iron Throne!
COST: $25 / $30 / $35