Friday, March 9, 2018

FINAL DETAILS: 3rd annual Rocky Horror Pub Crawl set for March 9th in Atlanta

If you are planning to attend tonight's ROCKY HORROR PUB CRAWL, PLEASE take a few minutes to read all the details below about what event producer has planned so you'll be sure to have a great time and also help the event move along as smoothly as possible! Also included is a list of props to bring (or not bring) to the Midnight show!

Yes, tickets are still available to tonight's annual Rocky Horror Pub Crawl (March 9th), which also include a ticket to the Midnight shadow-cast performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show – which can be ordered until 4pm today (March 9th) via After that you can purchase tickets beginning at 7pm at Diesel Filling Station where registration will be set up until 10pmNOTE: If you ONLY want to attend the shadow-cast performance of RHPS at The Plaza (and skip the Pub Crawl) you can order tickets via

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PUB CRAWL MAP (download):
New to the Virginia Highlands area or maybe you aren't sure which pubs are where and what is happening when come Friday? We've got your set-up. Simply click HERE to download a map of the ROCKY HORROR PUB CRAWL (Click and hold on the map to save to your phone. Click “Save Image”) then refer to that image during the event that you just saved to your phone. This map shows where registration is, as well as the event crawl layout and the final stop at the Plaza Theater for the Midnight performance of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW by Lips Down On Dixie, Inc. Then, during the event on March 9th, simply revisit this map that you have saved on your cell phone so you'll know the sexy course.

EVENT HASHTAGs (please use):
#rockyhorrorpubcrawl #markstercon #lipsdownondixie #plazaatlanta @markstercon

As far as parking, we suggest looking over this map (click to enlarge) and see where some of your closer options are. There is free parking, paid parking and metered parking in various locations within easy walking distance of pub crawl registration Diesel Filling Station (beginning of crawl) or the end of the event near Plaza TheaterNOTE: The CVS parking lot (across from Diesel Filling Station) has automated paid machines now.

We also suggest you take a LYFT to the event, ESPECIALLY if you plan on drinking any alcoholic beverages – maybe even share a ride with friends. If you do use LYFT, make sure to use the code "markster" for a $5 free credit towards future rides.

Diesel Filling Station (21+)
If you have a pub crawl ticket for the March 9th ROCKY HORROR event (or want to purchase a ticket), please visit the Registration table located at Diesel Filling Station, starting at 7pm (till 10pm). Please make sure to bring your Xorbia ticket with you for scanning. Everyone who is registered must go through the line (which means you can not register for your friends, even if you purchased tickets for them as they will need to also come through the line). A valid 21+ I.D. is required at both registration and also before entering all participating venues. If you have any questions about this event, feel free to ask Registration staff when checking in! Registration ends at 10pm – all shots should be claimed by 11:30pm!

After you make it to The Plaza at the end of the crawl, make sure to get your photo taken by T.O. of Cultural Gorilla, who will be set up in the lobby. All photos are FREE and complimentary for all attendees. A few days after the event ends, we'll upload the images via for you to view/tag/share. Costumes not required to take photos, just the ability to strike a sexy pose!

When walking to the different pubs PLEASE use the sidewalks or crosswalks. PLEASE use the designated crosswalks and look BOTH WAYS before crossing the road. In addition to keeping an eye out for yourself, also watch for other attendees to make sure they also stay safe. Although all of the participating pubs are on the same side of the street, attendees will still need to cross at certain intersections to continue on their journey to the final stop at Plaza Theater.

To make things run much more smoothly, please BRING CASH (to pay for any drinks or food you may purchase on your own). Once you place and receive your order at the bar (if not at a table), please move away from the bar area to give others a chance to place an order. The 4 official pubs (with Plaza Atlanta being the last stop) have a full menu (we've posted links to their menu's further down on this page) and everything is good (we’ve eatten at each venue multiple times so we know!). We highly encourage you to take the time to grab either an appetizer or full meal at one of the venues to help show your support so we can do this again. And please, remember to tip your wait staff.

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One of the most fun and unique elements of seeing THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW "live" is the crowd interaction, where attendees in the audience bring "props" to use during the show. The host venue, Plaza Alanta, allows most props that are typically used during a viewing of RHPS but not all. Click the graphic and see what is (and is not) allowed. Feel free to bring your own props if you'd like to be an interactive part of this amazing evening.

COSTUME CONTEST: Planning to unleash your inner Dr. Frank-n-furter, Rocky or Riff Raff? If so, Lips Down On Dixie, Inc. will be helping host a ROCKY HORROR COSTUME CONTEST inside the Plaza Theater, before the beginning of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (midnight) and the live performance. They will be picking people from the crowd do make sure to make some noise if you want to be considered for the contest! (before midnight).

All ticketed attendees please make sure to pick up your 1.25" commemorative ROCKY HORROR PUB CRAWL 3 pin when checking in at registration at Diesel Filling Station. NOTE: Pins can be claimed from 7-10:00pm at the registration table.

When visiting each of the ROCKY HORROR PUB CRAWL stops, present your numbered wristband TAB at the bar area for a themed shot. Event wristbands are for those who are registered and at this time we will not be making any more available (as the event is sold out). NOTE: All shots should be claimed by 11:30pm (if you want to claim them).

Tab #1) The Rocky Horror (@ Diesel Filling Station)
Tab #2) Sweet Transvestite (@ Limerick Junction)
Tab #3) The Sonic Transducer (@ Dark Horse Tavern)
Tab #4) The Damn It Janet (@ Neighbor's Pub)
Tab #5) Mental Mindf*ck (@ Plaza Theater)

While at the crawl, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to pick a pub and have dinner or a round of appetizers and/or drinks. A wide variety of food will be available at all of the host pub stops and for your convenience, here are their online menus for your browsing:
• Limerick Junction: MENU
• Diesel Filling Station: MENU
• Dark Horse Tavern: MENU
• Neighbor's Pub: MENU

If you have  questions during the event, feel free to ask at the Registration table (Diesel Filling Station), they’ll do their best to find out the answer(s).

For future geek-themed events in Atlanta, please visit for more info.